ABTCP 2020

ABTCP 2020

Booking Instructions and Criteria

Letter from the Director


Dear companies participating in the ABTCP EXHIBITION.

I hereby restate our commitment with companies of the sector to promote the traditional INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION every two years. As such, planning for the 2020 event is already underway. Provided below, I list some information about the event:

ABTCP 2020:

The event will take place October 6, 7 and 8, 2020.

The INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION will be held in Pavilions D and E at the Transamerica Expo Center. In order to maintain costs accessible for companies participating as exhibitors, booths with up to 48m2 will come in three predefined models to be chosen by companies.

The 53rd PULP AND PAPER INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS will be held at the Transamerica Expo Center – mezzanine, and this year will occur simultaneously with the 9th INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM ON EUCALYPTUS PULP (ICEP), both events organized by ABTCP.

The meeting choose the areas for 2020 EXHIBITION, exclusive for members (except collective members abroad), will be on October 24 at the Transamerica Hotel, in São Paulo (SP).

To participate in this meeting, please ask interested parties to fill out the booking interest form send detailed material and clarification of the rules.

Best regards,

Executive Director
Darcio Berni



1.1 – In order to enjoy their rights as members – of any category – all members must be current with the payment of their membership contributions.

1.2 – The areas defined by ABTCP in the exhibition map will not be divided.

1.3 – Requests for non-island standard footage and / or modules available on the event map will not be accepted. Initially the company should occupy the available island or island tip. Only in cases where there is no desired footage on a single island, the exhibitor may complement the footage from the space of another dismembered island.

1.4 – Area changes may be made after December 11, 2019, subject to area availability.

Note: Unconfirmed areas will be made available on the updated map on the event website www.abtcp2020.org.br, from 11/12/2019. Requests for changes of areas will be fulfilled considering the order of arrival of requests, made by email, from 11/12/2019.

1.5 – Confirmation of the reservation of the chosen area will be made under the following conditions:

Contract delivery: until the negotiated date, at ABTCP headquarters, in two copies, or sent by scanned email.

Down payment (15% of the total amount) and other payments, according to plan chosen.

Note: The payment of the signal must be made via bank slip, which will be sent by ABTCP to the exhibitor.

Note: From December 11, 2019, ABTCP will make available for sale the areas reserved by the exhibitors, which do not fulfill the conditions of confirmation of the area reservation.

1.6 – The value of square meter of area * corresponds to space. Assembly, decoration, electricity, cleaning and government fees will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.

1.7 – To reduce attendance costs by optimizing the results of the exhibitors, ABTCP will hold in 2020 the exhibition – in partnership with the assembler KSK – with 03 options of pre-established mounting types (Bronze, Silver and Gold) – models and memorial Descriptive documents will be sent to those who request them through the reservation form, to choose the exhibitor of any of the 03 models, for areas up to 48m2.

These 03 models can be customized in company colors and may contain additional decoration elements and minor alterations, as long as the chosen assembly model is not distinguished (additional items / minor alterations should be negotiated directly with the KSK assembler).

For areas above 49m2 – will be considered hiring as free area, having the possibility of hiring any automaker and / or one of the models we offer for areas up to 48m2 – following the rules of design and assembly presentation, defined in the exhibitor’s m