ABTCP 2020

ABTCP 2020

Travel Agency

Mello Faro Turismo, the official travel agency for the ABTCP 2020 9th ICEP, offers special conditions for hotels and ground transportation in São Paulo, as well as customized tours to the main tourist destinations in Brazil.

Rates are quoted in Reais – Brazilian currency
USD 1,00 R$ 4,50 by March/ 2020
DAILY RATE PER ROOM and PER DAY Internet Parking
one person
two persons
Hotel Transamérica
Av. Das Nações Unidas, 18591 – 200m far from the meeting venue
R$ 534,00
+5% Tax
R$ 594,00
+5% Tax
Free of charge R$ 53,00 per day
Blue Tree Verbo Divino
Rua Verbo Divino, 1323 – 3,5km far from the meeting venue
R$ 305,00
+5% Tax
R$ 375,00
+5% Tax
Free of charge R$ 30,00 per day
Transamérica Chácara Santo Antonio
Rua Américo Brasilience, 2163 – 3,8km far from the meeting venue
R$ 315,00
+5% Tax
R$ 365,00
+5% Tax
Free of charge R$ 25,00 per day
Tryp Nações Unidas
Rua Fernandes Moreira, 1264 – 3,7km far from the meeting venue
R$ 319,00
+5% Tax
R$ 369,00
+5% Tax
Free of charge R$ 30,00 per day
Intercity Nações Unidas
Rua Fernandes Moreira, 1371 – 3,7km far from the meeting venue
R$ 345,00
+5% Tax
R$ 385,00
+5% Tax
Free of charge R$ 30,00 per day

Special daily rates per standard room including breakfast are available only on bookings through Mello Faro Turismo Check in after 3pm and check out before 12am

CANCELLATION POLICY: We will accept a cancellation request without penalty if formally requested through email (eventos@mellofaro.com.br) until 15 days prior the check in date. We usually reply cancellation requests in the next business day. If it does not happen, make sure by phone (+55 11 3155.4040) that your request is being processed. Cancellation requested between 15 days and 2 working days before the check in date that cannot be resold to another participant and cancellation requested after 2 working days before the check in date, will be charged on 01 daily rate+tax. In case of any conflict between the General Terms hereof and the specific conditions determined for the meeting and/or for an specific hotel, the Special Conditions established for the meeting/hotel shall predominate. In all reservations paid in advance by credit card charge authorization, a 3% over the total amount already paid will be retained as process fee.

(+55 11) 3155.4040 | 94718.4852 | eventos@mellofaro.com.br

For most hotels is possible to secure the reservation by credit card and pay all expenses directly to the hotel upon check-out

Mello Faro offers highly convenient services such as research of available travel options, advice on the best travel solutions, prompt reservations and efficient delivery, control and invoicing for domestic and international tickets. All information about flights and prices will be given on attendance.
Price per car up to 03 people (one way). Services from 10pm to
6am will be overpriced in R$ 45,00 per car
R$ 180,00R$ 285,00

Mello Faro Turismo is available to provide customized tours in São Paulo or nearby, and tours pre or post congress visiting the main spots in Brazil such as Rio de Janeiro, Iguassu Falls, Amazon Rain Forest, Salvador, Pantanal, Fernando de Noronha Island, Bonito and much more. Please feel free to ask for quotation.

More information at
Mello Faro Turismo e Viagens Ltda
(11) 3155.4040 |  (11) 94718.4852